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This article is an overview of Analytics on Pley.


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In-game Funnel Events

How to send events from Playable to an analytics service

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Pley aims to provide all sorts of analytics for you to be able to run your game. Data is a requirement to run UA, improve your game, and gauge the overall performance. Events are created in multiple places and end up in two destinations to be utilized: Game Manager and Data Layer (which exports to any analytics service you prefer).

Data can be accessed in:

  • Game Manager Analytics (High level, instantly accessible on
  • The analytics service of your choice (Amplitude and Appsflyer being two examples, comprehensive but require minor implementation).

Events are also generated from multiple places:

Diagram to show how data flows between dependent entities.

Diagram to show how data flows between dependent entities.

Diagram which shows how event data flows, ending up in the two destinations.

Diagram which shows how event data flows, ending up in the two destinations.

Game Manager Analytics

Within the Game Manager, you get access to a snapshot overview of your game. It is not meant to be an in-depth dashboard to run UA campaigns through, but as a pulse-check for how your game is doing.

You can find this information in the Game Manager, under Project > Analytics.

(For more advanced dashboard, we recommend integrating with the analytics service of your choice, such as Amplitude. Read more about implementing that here)

Game Manager Analytics Explanation

New Users: How many users have started the game who hasn't played the game before.

Active Users: How many unique users have started the game.

Connected Users: How many users have expanded to cross-platform through Pley Connect by linking their Pley Account with their mobile progress.

Sessions Per User: How many sessions (on average) does each unique user have for each time interval.

Playtime: The average length of each session.

Revenue: Gross revenue from in-game purchases during each time interval.

ARPU: Average revenue per user.

ARPPU: Average revenue per paying user.

Startup Funnel: Conversion rate from pressing "start" to playing the game.

Average Playtime Until Crash: For players who experience crashes, how long they play before the crash occurs.

% of Sessions with Crash: What percentage of sessions experience crashes?

FPS Average: The average FPS (per session) for the average user.

Average Frametime Delta: How much the frame time (ms) deviates on average. Lower means smoother gameplay, higher indicates stutters.

Web Browers: Breakdown of which are the most common web browsers.

Device OS: Breakdown of which device OSes are most common.