Analytics Events & Data

What events can be accessed through the Pley Frame?


page_load_startedTriggers when user arrives on the page where your Pley game is.
game_load_startedTriggers when user clicks start (or game automatically starts).
pley_loadedTriggers once your game's loading-/splashscreen starts.
game_load_failedTriggers if a crash occurs before pley_loaded has fired.
game_user_interactedTriggers where implemented. (Read more)
game_user_interactedTriggers where implemented. (Read more)
game_user_engagedTriggers where implemented. (Read more)
account_linkedTriggers when Pley Connect successfully links a mobile user to a Pley user.
purchase_startedTriggers when a user initializes a purchase.
purchase_completedTriggers when a user completes a purchase.*

Data (Properties)


product_price_usd_converted provides gross revenue for purchase_completed events. This value is before payment merchant fees, currency conversion costs, or Pley revenue splits. The data provided is converted into USD, regardless of the transaction currency.