Release Tracks

Production, open-testing, and closed-testing

In the Game Manager you'll find three release tracks:

  • Production
  • Open testing
  • Closed testing

Each can have one game build set live at the time, and available to play on through the release track's Playable URL.

The Production release track is the one connected to your game site and is the one which your players play on. Open testing and Closed testing are for pre-production testing. Even though they have different names, they behave the same and can be used how you see fit. Anyone with a link to a release track Playable can access the builds.

  • Payments will work the same on all three release tracks.
  • Anyone with the Web Playable URL can access the track.
  • Builds set live on a release track will be available for play instantly.
  • Clicking the copy-button will give you the direct URL to the track's Web Playable.

Test builds by setting them live on Open testing or Closed testing, and sending the link to your internal playtesters, QA team, or even pre-release testing users. They will otherwise behave like the production release track.

Within the release track, you can configure multiple things:

Within release tracks, you can:

  1. Set new updated builds live
  2. Conduct rollbacks
  3. Update visual assets (such as loading/cover image)
  4. Integrate the release track Playable onto a game site.
  5. Fetch the playtesting link directly to the track's Web Playable.