Making Releases

Now you have an uploaded build - time to manage and publish it through the Pley Game Manager!


Game Manager Access

This article assumes you have Pley developer permission and can access the Game Manager. If you do not, please read πŸ’– Getting Started.

Creating a release on Pley is the final step to letting someone play your game on the web.

Creating a Release
1) Have a Game Build uploaded
2) Game Settings & Visual Assets uploaded
3) Create Release

1. Game Build

By selecting builds within your game project in the Game Manager at you'll find all the game builds that have been uploaded from the SDK in Unity.

The game build is a specific uploaded version of your game.

2. Game Settings (Optional)

Now is a perfect time to update the settings, upload your visual assets, and overall create a customized experience of playing your game! This is optional and not required to play the game right now!

This is done from within the Pley Game Manager > Game-Project > Game Settings.


Game Settings, Game Presence, & Visuals Assets

Before launching, you should set up the visual presentation of your games; logos, splash art, and loading screen visuals. The Game Settings documentation makes it easy to set up!

3. Creating a Release

Now, we are going to create a playable release of your game.

For now, let's make your game build playable on the web!

1) Under Releases in the Game Manager Project you can list and inspect all your releases. Every row shows which Build and Container Version each Release consists of.

2) Select New Release.

3) Pick which Build and Container Version for the release.

4) Add a release name ("v7.2 Holiday Release") and any release notes of what changes have been made (neither are visible to the player).

5) Press Publish to production to publish the release.

The 'Releases' page lists all your releases; drafts, live, outdated, and canceled ones.

The 'Releases' page lists all your releases; drafts, live, outdated, and canceled ones.


Testing before Releasing?

Before publishing, you can save the Release as a draft and test it first by pressing Run. Your game will then run in browser along with the container script - without making it live to your players.

You'll see the new release marked as Live in the list.

Only one release can be a live per game, and will be the game version players can play, either on Pley or through an embedded Iframe!


Game is published and open to be played!


Game Released!

Congrats, your game is now running on Pley!

If you have a custom domain set up by Pley, you can instantly play the new release there (
Otherwise, reach out to us and we'll help you set it up!


Where is my game?

By default, your game will be on
However, reach out to us and Pley will set you up with your domain, usually

To learn how to integrate the playable onto your website, read this guide!