Using Firebase on Web

Use Firebase services with Unity and WebGL

Pley Firebase is a Unity package that enables the use of Firebase when building games for WebGL.

Firebase is an excellent game back-end service. Sadly, Firebase does not provide support for WebGL games natively. Luckily, Pley has you covered with a Unity package for your mobile game that allows for partial Firebase-WebGL-Unity integration.

Pley Firebase wraps around the Firebase API and checks if the game is running in-browser. If the game is running on WebGL, the normal import Firebase calls are simply replaced by Pley Firebase; making integrating Firebase with WebGL easy!

Implemented Services

AnalyticsRealtime DatabaseRemote Config
*Partially implemented

Unimplemented Services

AdMobAuthenticationCloud FirestoreCloud FunctionsCloud MessagingCloud StorageCrashlyticsDynamic Links

How to use Pley Firebase

Step 2: Add the Firebase configuration file.

Obtain the app project configuration (Firebase Instructions), and save it to StreamingAssets/google-services-web.json.

  "apiKey": "api-key",
  "authDomain": "",
  "databaseURL": "",
  "projectId": "project-id",
  "storageBucket": "",
  "messagingSenderId": "sender-id",
  "appId": "app-id",
  "measurementId": "G-measurement-id"

Step 3: Initialize the Firebase API

FirebaseApp.CheckAndFixDependenciesAsync().ContinueWithOnMainThread(task =>
    var status = task.Result;
    if (status == DependencyStatus.Available)
        Debug.Log("Success initialize firebase app");
        Debug.LogError($"Failed to initialize firebase app: {status}");

Step 4: Access Firebase in your game

The API is the same as the official Firebase Unity SDK, which means that you only have to add import the correct
namespaces based on which platform you're building for.

using Pley.Firebase;
using Pley.Firebase.Analytics;
using Pley.Firebase.Extensions;
using Firebase;
using Firebase.Analytics;
using Firebase.Extensions;


void OnLevelUp(int newLevel)
    FirebaseAnalytics.LogEvent(FirebaseAnalytics.EventLevelUp, FirebaseAnalytics.ParameterLevel, newLevel);


Just like Firebase!

Once Pley Firebase is implemented you can use firebase just like you would without Pley (according to the Google Firebase documentation), as long as you use the features that Pley has manage to enable for the web.