How to Update the Pley SDK?

How to install a newer version of the Pley SDK in a Unity Project

Short Version: Updating the Pley SDK

1) Download the new SDK version from the Game Manager.

2) Close Unity.

3) Delete the Pley folder in your game project (Project/Assets/Pley).

4) Restart Unity and open your project.

5) Install the new SDK version (Read how to here).


On a Trail SDK?

During March 2023 we are rebranding from "Trail" to "Pley". If you are on a Trail-SDK, your SDK will call it "Trail" and not "Pley". The folder you should delete is the Trail folder in your game project (Project/Assets/Trail)


Unity does not allow the modification or replacement of DLL-files while it is running. Therefore, to update the Pley SDK we have to remove the old files before installing a new version.