Trail CLI is a command-line tool that allows you to run your game builds locally, and upload them to the Trail Game Manager.

Download the latest version on the Game Manager (requires a developer account).

Below you have the CLI commands reference for the latest version: 1.2.5.


trail init

Initializes your game project, linking it to Trail. Remember to run from the root folder of your game project.

>  cd \path\to\my\project
>  trail init
   navigate with [j] and [k] then press Enter to select
   select corresponding Trail game:
   > Example Game
βœ“  game 'Example Game' successfully initialized


trail login

Logs your CLI into Trail using your developer account. You need to do this before using other commands such as trail init, trail dev, etc.

>  trail login
   e-mail: [email protected]
   password: **********
βœ“  log in successful


trail dev

Runs a local development server needed when running the Trail SDK locally, for example, when running in the Unity Editor.

>  cd path\to\my_unity_project
>  trail dev
β“˜  listening on 23000

builds upload

trail builds upload PATH

Uploads the build located at PATH to Trail. You can then run the uploaded build from the Game Manager.


PATHstringe.g. path\to\build
>  trail builds upload \path\to\build
βœ“  all files read                                                     
βœ“  build uploaded and queued for post-processing                      
β“˜  visit for current status