Testing Builds on Web

If you have developer access to the game manager, you can test builds by simply going to https://manage.pley.com, navigating to Game > Builds, and clicking on Play button to an uploaded build. The game will then be launched.

Playtest / Secret URL (QA / Internal)

To allow testing for people without granting them access to the Game manager, release a build to Open testing or Closed testing. Functionally, these are the same and used for playtesting, QA, feature experimentation, or simply as an aid in development / liveOps.

Setting up a playtest URL

1) If you haven't, upload a build to the Pley Game Manager using the SDK. (Read more)

2) Open "Open testing" or Closed Testing"

3) Release a build.

4) Click "Open Playable" or "Copy URL".

5) Send the URL to anyone who will playtest.


No Permission Needed

Playtesters do not need any form of invite or permission to playtest builds though secret URLs. If someone has access to the Pley Game Manager, they can instead simply play builds without making branch releases under "Builds".

Under 'integration' you find instructions on how to integrate the testing URLs into a website. This is useful if you want a singular constant place where your testing builds can be played.