Pley Funnel Events

Call these required methods through the Pley SDK in the game to get player funnel data.

These methods must be implemented into games before launching on Pley, as the commercial funnel analytics depend on them. These should preferably be implemented to fire only once per game session. These events are available to send to the analyics service of your choice through our Playable API (read more here).


Playable API Event: game_loaded

AnalyticsKit.GameLoaded(); should be called whenever the game finishes the initial loading, and the game is interactable for the player. Simply call this method whenever the loading screen is complete.


Playable API Event: user_interacted

AnalyticsKit.UserInteracted(); should be called whenever the player takes their first meaningful action in the game, such as clicking a button or taking their first game action. This is often game-specific. Recommended places are:

  • User harvest a resource.
  • User clicks a game button.
  • User moves the camera.
  • User starts a level.


Playable API Event: user_engaged

AnalyticsKit.UserEngaged(); should be called whenever the user is considered engaged. This event is up to each game studio themselves to define. Recommended places are:

  • User completes a level.
  • User completes a tutorial.
  • User gains a level or buys an upgrade.
  • User plays for 5 minutes.