Developer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pley do?

Pley is a complete solution for mobile games to expand to the web. Pley's tools (enabled by the Pley Unity SDK) jumpstarts your journey from mobile to web, and the Game Manager makes managing your web game simple. We help you monetize, give you access to features otherwise unavailable on the web, while making sure your game always behaves as expected on the web. Read more here.

Is there a demo where I can try Pley features?


We have a Developer Demo intended for a Unity Developer to go through in 1-sitting. This demo lets you test, use, and evaluate all essential tools we have at Pley. Please reach out to us (E-mail, Discord, or Slack) if you are interested in the Developer Demo!

Where can I get technical support from Pley?

You’re never alone! We’re happy to help; both technical help with our tools and share our vast experience of porting games to the web. We’ll help accelerate your journey toward the web!

Feel free to contact us over email ([email protected]). Once you begin porting/launching through Pley, we prefer to give you easy access to us through a shared slack channel.

Do I have to maintain two entire games; mobile AND web?

Our objective at Pley is to minimize the amount of time and resources you need to launch and maintain a game on the web. The game should be the same for mobile and web, the backend should be shared, and you should not maintain two games; but one game with a multi-platform strategy. Our active help and tools will help you ensure that’s the case. Additionally, we always recommend integrating Pley into your current build pipeline.
Read more here

Does Pley only support Unity Games?


While our primary target is Unity games (and the unity extension Pley SDK), we maintain support for non-Unity games through the Pley CLI & the Pley SDK for C. If you are bringing a non-Unity game to the web through Pley, please contact us for assistance. Read more about the non-Unity process here.

Which web-browsers do Pley support?

Pley supports all major browsers, as long as they have GPU acceleration enabled. A big advantage of having your game on Pley is to not have to worry about browser support. We make sure that all our features supports the browsers used by the players. If a browser would make an update that breaks your game, Pley can often fix issues without you having to make a game update.

See specific browser-support info here.