Pley Connect

Expanding mobile-only users into high-engagement cross-platform users.

Pley Connect is a seamless way of expanding mobile-only users into cross-platform users through web. Users easily connect their mobile progress to the web, continuing their game progress on their desktop.

  • Expand the user experience to multiple devices; mobile & desktop.
  • No downloads, no hassle. Players instantly continue their progress on web.
  • Bigger screen and better form factor.
  • More playtime, increased engagement, and improved payer conversion.

Looking for implementation documentation? Read the Pley Connect implementation how-to here!

Pley Connect enables you to do this from within your mobile game or simply through a link. There are three paths a user can take to connect their mobile progress to the web version of your game.

1) A button or an in-game pop-up displays the Connect Code ("Click here to play on web")

2) An email or message containing the Pley Connect link opened by the player on their desktop device.

3) An email or message containing the Pley Connect link opened by the player on their mobile device.

(1) Connect through Code

Expand mobile players to cross-platform players from within your mobile game (Visuals only for demonstration).

prThanks to SavySoda which

Thanks to SavySoda for allowing the use of their game for these visuals; Pixel Starships!

1) User clicks a menu button or pop-up in the mobile game.
2) The Ui displays a Pley Connect code along with instructions.
3) They go to on their desktop and enter the code.
4) They continue playing on web with their mobile progress connected.

(2) Connect through Link | Desktop

Expand mobile players to cross-platform players by delivering a URL to them by any channel you prefer.

1) User clicks a link (anywhere you could find a link; email, social media, ads).
2) They end up on a website with a QR code.
3) They scan the QR code with any camera app or QR code scanner they prefer.
4) The mobile game starts on their desktop; both devices displaying a success message.
5) They continue playing on web with their mobile progress connected - the web game starting up.

(3) Connect through Link | Mobile

There is an alternative user journey; players connecting their accounts may open the Pley Connect link on their mobile devices. In this case, method (1) and method (2) are merged. Through deep linking, the link instantly opens the mobile game; displaying the Pley Connect code.

From there, the user continues the process just as in (1) Connect through Game Code.


Pley Connect is optimized for two simple objectives:

  • Expanding current mobile users into cross-platform cross-device users with high engagement.
  • Versatility to be used with which type of communication channel you use to communicate with players.

Optimizing these two objectives leads to limitations for some use cases. While these things are subjects for future improvements, these are the current limitations:

  • Other platforms, such as gaming consoles or desktop-native (such as Steam), cannot use the QR code to link with the web version of your game. (They cannot scan QR codes and do not support deep linking).
  • If a mobile player registers with a Pley account (or uses Google or Facebook), their linked progress seamlessly carries over to any device they log in to. If they don't, they have to repeat the Pley Connect process when they switch physical devices or web browsers.
  • You must build a conflict resolution system into the game to support web-first users linking their progress to mobile. Pley Connects focuses on bringing mobile users to your web version. Thus, Pley Connect does not support web-first users to move to mobile.
  • If you have social login (Google or Facebook) in your mobile game, players will still have to go through Pley Connect to connect their accounts. After doing so, it will behave intuitively for them - even if they use social login on Pley.