Payment Methods & Regions

What regions is Pley available in, and what payment methods are supported?


Pley is available anywhere in the world

An inherent advantage of the web is that it is available anywhere the internet is unrestricted, which is almost everywhere.

The sole exception is if the EU has sanctions against that region, as Pley is Europe-based.

Playable blocked: North Korea.
Payments blocked: Any purchases made in Russian Rubles (EU sanctions)

Available Payment Methods in Pley Payments

Pley Payments is powered by Adyen, and optimized payment methods are offered to the player based on their geographical region. If the user's country does not have region-specific payment methods, the optimal global ones is offered.

Payment MethodsRegions
KakaoPaySouth Korea
NaverPaySouth Korea
PayCoSouth Korea
Sofort by KlarnaGermany
Supported CardsRegions
Visa (Credit/Debit)Global
Mastercard (Credit/Debit)Global
Maestro (Credit/Debit)Global
American Express (Credit/Debit)Global
Discover (Credit/Debit)Global
Diners CardsGlobal
Cartes Bancaire (Credit/Debit)France
UnionPay (Credit/Debit)Asia / SEA
JCB (Credit/Debit)Japan
Interac / Interac Apple PayCanada
KCP Credit CardsSouth Korea


Do you need new payment methods?

Pley Payments is powered by Adyen, one of the largest payments pipelines in the world. It is used by thousands of companies, some being Epic Games, Uber, Etsy, Pinterest, & Big Commerce.

If your game or audience needs specific payment methods currently not supported, Pley can prioritize to get them implemented for you. Read the full list of Adyen-supported payment methods Pley could add here.


Disabling your game in certain countries

It is up to you where your game is available. By default, games on Pley are available in all countries with appropriate payment methods. If you would like to disable playing your game in certain countries, you can configure that yourself at