Testing Payments

How to test payments in games under development.

To test payments without using real payment methods, use testing payment cards from within the Game Manager. When playing builds directly in the game manager, Pley Payments is set to sandbox mode which allows for test-payment cards.

This means that you can use any of the test credit cards to make a cost-free purchase and that you don't need to fill out the banking-/tax-information form until you want to publish your game.

Testing Payments

1) Start a build through the Pley Game Manager, under builds. (Note: builds only, not release tracks).

2) Trigger a payment in the game.

3) Input a sandbox test card (found below). Note that the checkout modal will be marked Sandbox payment

4) Execute the payment.

Sandbox Testing Cards

Card TypeCard numberExp. dateCVV/CVC
Consumer Visa, Netherlands4111 1111 1111 11113/30737
Consumer Mastercard, Great Britain5555 4444 3333 11113/30737
ExpressPay Credit, China8171 9999 2766 000010/30737
Discover, US6011 6011 6011 66113/30737

Name & country can be set to anything, and will not affect the test purchase.


Testing on Production/Release

To test payments on builds released to a release track (e.g. Production), an actual payment has to be made with a real payment method.

Testing payments on released builds (on any release track, including production) cannot be done with testing cards.

Pley Payments is powered by Adyen. Read more about testing cards in the Adyen testing documentation.


Any entitlements created by a purchase made in sandbox mode will be labeled as "in_sandbox", so it's easy for you to identify an entitlement origin in your backend.

In the JSON response, "in_sandbox" will be marked true.

    "entitlement_id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "product_id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "in_sandbox": true


Keeping track of payments

Sandboxed transactions from in the Game Manager isn't tracked and they will not be part of the Sales reports.
Making test-payments will not affect any data or reporting.