What is Pley?

Pley: The viable way from mobile gaming to web gaming.

Pley is a complete solution for bringing your mobile game to the web without having to start over in knowledge, tools, or skillset. Instead of struggling to port your game to the web, Pley jumpstarts you by optimizing settings, integrating your libraries, managing web hosting, and letting you focus on developing your game.

Pley helps you:

  • Take your mobile game to the web without learning web development.
  • Integrate your mobile game on desktop web where you really need it.
  • Manage hosting and game delivery.
  • Quickly gain functionality, settings, and visuals without building from scratch.
  • Integrate with your services and libraries.

Before bringing your mobile game to the web using Pley, you'll need a developer account. (Contact us to get it!)

We at Pley would also be happy to help your effort to get your game from mobile to the web!

Talk to Us! Reach out to us first!

Once you have developer access to the Pley Game Manager, you can begin the process to go from Mobile to the web!

Your Mobile Game on Web

Playable through a simple URL link, on Pley, or in an embed on any website, getting your mobile game to the web is a game-changer for your players.

  • Seamless Experience to start playing games
  • Instantly Shareable through links
  • Larger screen & better feel
  • Longer playtimes, deeper engagement, and increased monetization.

Will the next game here be yours?

What does Pley do?

Pley provides you with everything you need to get your game from mobile to the web.

Pley Solutions (including the Unity SDK and more) are technical tools that help you build and develop mobile games into web games through Pley's suite of products. The SDK enables Pley's libraries, uploading to the Game Manager (which hosts and optimizes your game), and third-party integrations; all quickly and easily installed with a Unity extension.

Aside from the SDK, Pley is also building a suite of tools to make web-game development easier such as debugging tools and Pley Analyzer (warnings for web-incompatible code).

Pley's Game Manager is a web-based dashboard that lets you upload, manage, and host your game. The Game Manager lets you go from mobile to the web without learning web development and hosting it yourself - including building the huge amount of functionalities you'd expect yourself. The Pley Game Manager automatically manages builds, post-processing, optimization, QA work, game delivery, and so much more for you.

Just upload your game through the SDK and then play it on your custom Pley game page or embed it on your own website!