When using the Pley platform, here are some terms and their definitions.

Game Level

game_idA unique identifying string that identifies one specific game. It can be found in the Game Manager. Similar to the bundle ID/package name on mobile.
pley_game_user_idA unique identifying string that identifies a game-level user, not ever shared between games. This ID is used to authenticate players on Pley and used by your backend to fetch the right game progress when the game starts.
game_user_idSame as above.
product_idAn ID you set in the Game Manager for each product/SKU. Used by the game to initiate purchases on Pley.
EntitlementA database listing which is created when a purchase is successful. Should be consumed by the game server (through HTTP) when the items are delivered to the player. Identified by an entitlement_id.

Websites & Scoped login systems

scopeA collection of multiple games, operated by the same organization. It is used when you have a publisher or company-level login system across various games. Not required unless you have a StudioID-style login system.
scope_idThe unique identifying a scope (see above). This ID can be found in the Game Manager.
scope_userWhat Pley calls a single user in your StudioID-type login system ("scope" on Pley).
Access TokenA short-lived token (~15 minutes) that must be continuously re-issued by your server to maintain authenticated status on a website with a website-level login system.

Products & Entities

Web PlayableThe window where the game is played on your website, implemented through an iFrame.
Game ManagerThe web interface on where you can configure, test, and publish your game on web.
GamesiteA website or landing page where the Web Playable is implemented.
Pley SDKThe game-level SDK (Unity or Non-unity) which lets your game interface with Pley functionality.
Pley Web SDKThe Javascript SDK ran on websites to support Pley functionality (such as the Web Playable).
Post-processingThe automatic patching, compressing, and web optimizing of any game build you upload to Pley (~15 minutes).
Pley ConnectPley's cross-platform account linking. Makes it very easy for your players to expand from mobile-only to playing your game cross-platform.
Release TrackEach game has 3 release tracks (Production, Open testing, Closed testing). Builds can be released to any of the tracks and instantly appear on any Web Playable that uses the respective release_track_id.