Pley Monetization

Monetize your game on Pley using in-app purchases.

Pley has a monetization tool called PaymentsKit, a simple and lightweight way to initialize payments during gameplay. Building payments & IAP products to monetize games can be very difficult - a problem that is bypassed completely by using Pley.

Looking for implementation documentation? Read the payments implementation how-to here!

Looking to test payments on Pley? Read the payment test documentation how-to here!

What is PaymentsKit?

PaymentsKit is a part of the Pley SDK which allows you to easily monetize your game using in-app purchases (IAP:s) without having to deal with VATs, currency exchange, and other hassles. PaymentsKit solves all of that for you automatically, letting you implement IAP quickly and easily!

Additionally, we streamlined the entire payment process for players too, making it as frictionless and easy as possible to pay for any product on Pley.

  • Seamless payment experience for the user.
  • Automatically adapt to geographic regions & currencies.
  • Always beautified pricing, regardless of currency ($5.99 instead of $6.14).
  • Automatic adjustment for VAT & other taxes.
  • Simple methods to fetch pricing and names from within games.
  • Easy implementation of new products.

The Purchase Journey

Regardless of which method you choose to monetize your game, at one point in time, your player will encounter a paywall; this could be an item or currency that they need to pay for with real money. An example of IAP is below:

When the player interacts with this paywall, a pop-up will appear similar to the ones below:

The purchasing pop-up with a saved card.

The purchasing pop-up with a saved card.

The payment methods are optimized based on the user's geographical location.

The payment methods are optimized based on the user's geographical location.

Pley PaymentsKit adds this seamless purchasing experience to your game.

Consumable products

All products on Pley are consumables. Upon purchase, Pley creates an entitlement that your backend will consume to acknowledge that the game has delivered the product to the user. This way, it is verified that the user gets what they paid for.

Sometimes, your game will fail to consume and deliver the purchase to the user within the same session (e.g., Internet connectivity issues, a crash, or the user quits early). For that reason, whenever the game starts, the game should first check with the Pley SDK if there are any entitlements that are not consumed and need to be delivered to the user.


On Pley, you do not set prices directly; you instead assign a price tier for your IAP. A price tier defines a price for each currency and region where Pley supports payments. The individual prices on each tier are not a direct conversion, instead, they are adjusted based on things such as different VAT and GST rates, different purchasing power, and FX rates (and more!).

This tier system ensures that pricing looks and feels good to the user, without you having to manually adjust prices for various currencies and/or regions.

We currently support a wide set of pricing tiers. On lower tiers, the tier number roughly corresponds to its price in USD, e.g. Tier 1 is $1, Tier 2 is $2, etc. On higher tiers, the gaps between tiers start becoming bigger.

US - USDGermany - EURSweden - SEKJapan - JPY
Tier 10.990.999.0099.00
Tier 21.991.9919.00199.00
Tier 5049.0049.00490.004900.00