Configuring Your Game

Here you'll add the images, links, & text your players will see on Pley!

Game Settings & Presence

Within the Game Manager (under "Game settings") you can quickly and easily customize what your players see when they visit your game on Pley.

Configuring your game page

Game Manager > Game Project > Game Settings

1) Change the Game title (as shown on the Pley platform).

2) Customize the URL. This is best done early as future changes may break links.

3) Short game description & tags to let players know what to expect!

4) Add in your social media links (Discord, Facebook, Twitter, others) and lower legal information on the page.

5) Upload your visual assets to Game Settings!_

Go to [visual assets](doc:uploading-game-assets) and REALLY customize your game page!

Go to visual assets to customize your game page and logos.

⚙️ Project Settings

Finally, configure the settings you prefer for your game. If you have no preference for these settings, leaving them as default works great!

Windowed: Without this setting toggled on, your game will only run and default to Pley's fullscreen-mode.
Disable incognito: Turn this setting on to prevent players from launching the game in incognito mode.
Enable File Queue on new builds: Read more here!

If you allow incognito mode, players can use incognito mode to play your game without saving browser cookies.

What’s Next