How to implement in-game analytics?

Event data surrounding player progress, tutorial, currencies, and more!

Through the Pley SDK in the game code, you can trigger gameplay and player behavior-related events.

  1. Use Pley.AnalyticsKit method to trigger analytics events in the game code, providing the correct data to the method.
  2. Catch the events through the game site which has the Web Playable embedded on it, and send them to the analytics service of your choice.

Read about the game site implementation here and general information on analytics on Pley here.

C# Example:

//Initialize analyticsKit with player properties

//Example of how to fire an event
PleyResult result = Pley.AnalyticsKit.GameLoaded();

if (result != PleyResult.OK)
Debug.LogError("Failed to fire Pley analytics event game_loaded.");


//Example of how to fire an event with parameters
int playerLevel = 3;
PleyResult result = Pley.AnalyticsKit.LevelAdvanced(playerLevel);

if (result != PleyResult.OK)
Debug.LogError("Failed to fire Pley analytics event level_advanced");

Gameplay Events

These events are all optional and must be triggered using AnalyticsKit in the game code. If called from the Pley SDK AnalyticsKit, they'll be available on the game site for you to send to any analytics service (read more here).

gameplay_analytics_initializedTriggered when you initialize AnalyticsKit, setting the basic user properties through the config.username, level, application_version, custom_user_id, currencies[]
gameplay_tutorial_advancedWhen the player advances a step in the tutorial.tutorial_step
gameplay_tutorial_completedWhen the player completes the tutorial.-
gameplay_tutorial_skippedWhen the player skips the tutorial.-
gameplay_level_advancedWhen the player advances a level (levels up or beats a mission, game dependent)level
gameplay_premium_spentWhen the player spends premium, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_premium_gainedWhen the player gains premium, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_resource_spentWhen the player spends game, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_resource_gainedWhen the player gains game, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_offer_shownWhen the player is shown an offer, deal, liveOps, or promotion.offer
Custom EventSet any game-specific custom event you need, and deliver it to your analytics,parameters[]

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