Visual Assets

Gather & upload the assets needed to make your game look great!

Asset Summary

  • Game Logo (minimum 720x720, .png)
  • Loading Image (1920x1080, .jpg / .jpeg / .png )
  • Booting Image (1920x1080, .jpg / .jpeg / .png )
  • Developer Logo (minimum 200x200, .png)
  • Publisher Logo (minimum 200x200, .png)
  • Card Image (1920x1080, .jpg / .jpeg / .png )
  • Gameplay Video (16:9 aspect ratio, 10-30s)
  • Spotlight Image (1920x1080, .jpg / .jpeg / .png )
  • Game Screenshots x3 (1920x1080, .jpg / .jpeg / .png )

Assets are uploaded in the Game Manager at, under "Game settings".

Game Logo

AssetTypeDimensionsOther requirements
Game logo32-bit PNG with transparent backgroundAs large as possible, but minimum 720x720 pixelsMake sure your game logo is a PNG image with transparent background.

Loading Image

AssetTypeDimensionsOther requirements
Loading ImageJPEG1920x1080Required: Should not include any game logos or text.
Recommended: Use game art rather than screenshots.

Developer & Publisher logos

AssetTypeDimensionsOther requirements
Developer & Publisher logos32-bit PNG with transparent backgroundAs large as possible, but minimum 200x200 pixelsUse a version of your logo that is clear and readable when placed on a dark/black background.

Booting Image

AssetTypeDimensionsOther requirements
Booting ImageJPEG1920x1080 pixelsRecommended: Use a gameplay or main-menu screenshot.

Card image

AssetTypeDimensionsOther requirements
Card ImageJPEG or 32-bit PNG (no alpha)1920x1080 pixelsInclude your game logo in this image.

Supporting imagery


Supporting imagery currently not in use

Unless your game has a specific state for them, these visual assets aren't shown to any players.
Therefore, they are highly optional.

AssetTypeDimensionsOther requirements
Supporting imagery32-bit PNGs with transparent backgroundAs large as possible, but minimum 720x720Minimum 2 images

Spotlight Image

AssetTypeDimensionsOther requirements
Spotlight ImageJPEG1920x1080 pixelsRecommended: Use game art rather than screenshots.

Gameplay video

This video is played when the card image is hovered. This should not be the trailer for your game. This video should only show pure gameplay, without any logos or text put on top.

AssetTypeResolutionOther requirements
Gameplay, .wmv, or .mp4The highest resolution possible. 16:9 Aspect RatioMinimum length: 10s.
Maximum length: 30s.

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