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After "Integration", your game will have the functionality it needs to launch on the web.



The Integration sections assume you have a game up-and-running on Pley. If you haven't uploaded a build to the Game Manager, see the tutorial section.

In these next sections, you'll add in and integrate the critical functions you need for your specific game. What capabilities the game requires can be quite unique, but nearly all games require authentication & monetization.

1) Implement Authentication.
2) Implement Monetization.
3) Implement Cross-platform Account Linking.
4) Integrate any optional capabilities, tools, & third-party services, based on what your game needs.


Need anything else?

We're constantly extending functionality and adding integrations with external tools / libraries to the Pley platform. If there is something specific you need, we'd be happy to work with you to solve it!
Please contact us through [email protected]

While getting a playable build/release on the web through Pley often is a linear one-person job, integrating services and adding capabilities can be done much faster by dividing each one among developers.

Let's get your game to a feature-complete launch-ready state!

Let's get your game to a feature-complete launch-ready state!

After building out the capabilities of your game, re-build & re-release it.
Once your game is fully up-and-running feature-complete, go to πŸ’– | πŸ† Launch on Pley to complete your business-ready entry onto the web!