SDK 3.9.0

  • New Trail fast build for Unity, more info.
  • Support for Unity 2021.3 and 2022.1.
  • Minor Windows fixes.

SDK 3.8.2

  • Fix a crash that could occur when uploading a new build.

SDK 3.8.1

  • Fix incorrect build step duration in the build report

SDK 3.8.0

  • Support for Unity 2021.2 versions where minor version is 11 or newer.
  • Improved performance when uploading builds with a lot of files.
  • Fix freeze when using play/pause from within Unity

New release process

For the last couple of months, we have been overhauling the release process to clean up old anomalies and create a comprehensive workflow that makes it easier to get a better overview and collaborate as a team.


SDK 3.5.0

Send/receive messages from the game container (closed BETA)


SDK 3.4.2 released

Fixed a bug that caused GPU metrics to only be captured when the performance monitor was active.


SDK 3.4.1 released

SDK.SetSupportInfos is now obsolete and SDK.SetSupportDialogCustomFields should be used instead.
SDK.SetSupportInfos was a temporary name used during development that was released by mistake.


SDK 3.4.0 released

Add custom information to the support modal
SDK.SetSupportInfos(): Add custom information to the support modal that players can include when contacting games' customer support.


Automatic PlayerPrefs removed

We've disabled the automatic synchronization of Unity PlayerPrefs.
This feature is now available only by request. If you would like to enable it for your project please contact us on Discord.