SDK 5.3.0 | New Analytics Events, Faster Builds, and New Console Logs

We are releasing SDK 5.3.0, downloadable at

SDK Changelog

  • Added two new analytics events. These events can be used to track users on the web who start the tutorial (to compare with mobile) and track users who visit the store. They can be called from the game client through the Pley SDK. See all available events here. Pley SDK C# Reference here.
    • gameplay_tutorial_started
    • gameplay_store_opened
  • Added Fast build for Unity version 2022.X (Average build time 30-40 minutes -> 5-6 minutes).
  • Stability improvements.

Platform Updates

  • Added ability to download builds you have uploaded through the Pley CLI.
  • Majorly improving clarity in console logging.
    • Remove spam/clutter which wasn't useful.
    • Color-code and indicate where the information is coming from (C#, IL2CPP, C, C++, Game).