SDK 5.1.0 Experimental Rewarded Ads on Web

SDK v5.1.0 is released, adding Experimental Google-AdSense powered rewarded ads to all games on Pley.

Rewarded ads have been one of the most requested features to both monetize non-paying users, and more importantly as an upselling tool. We have integrated Google H5 games rewarded ads into Pley AdsKit. For now, it is an experimental feature; over time ad quality will improve as Google's algorithm learns more, as well as Pley making updates on the fly.

Read more here on how to implement rewarded ads.


  • New experimental feature; rewarded ads powered by Google Adsense H5 Games.
  • Warning notification in the Unity SDK if a new SDK version is available.
  • Warning notification in the Unity SDK if there is a mismatch in Emscripten versions between the Pley SDK and Unity, so developers don't have to troubleshoot strange impossible-to-understand errors.
  • Assemblies will now not reload in Unity during uploads to Pley, preventing crashes.
  • Changed folder structure; Pley SDK is now found in Pley/SDK instead of just Pley/.
  • Fixed analytics-related bugs.


Click here to learn how to update the Pley SDK