SDK 5.2.0 Gameplay Analytics

SDK 5.2.0 has been released, expanding on Pley's analytics system, adding a viewport/aspect ratio automation tool, and fixing multiple issues!

It is available for download at


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A new system for gameplay-level analytics.

  • Call any predefined event in the game code and have it delivered to any of your analytics services through the Playable and Game site.
  • Create custom events with customized payloads, delivered to any analytics service.
  • Added a warning if AnalyticsKit was used, but not initialized properly with the required user properties.
  • User properties, such as username, currency balance, game version, and custom user ID for cross-platform attribution.
  • Predefined gameplay analytics, with events such as tutorial_advanced, tutorial_complete, resource_spent, premium_gained (currency), offer_shown (liveOps / deals), and more!
  • Click here to see all gameplay events and properties.

New automated viewport system for web

  • Allows you to automatically configure viewport behavior without having to rewrite code made for mobile aspect ratios.
  • A simple editor-UI setup of viewport size; fixed, adaptable, snapping, free, etc.
  • Resolution control.

Fixed multiple issues, bugs, and quality-of-life

  • Prevent unity assemblies from reloading while uploading builds to Pley
  • Cleaned up the Pley SDK, reducing file size by half.
  • Improved responsiveness of error messages in the SDK
  • Added a "cancel upload" button during build uploads.
  • Fixed an issue on Windows machines where builds would fail to upload.
Viewport System can be found in Pley > Tools > Resources > "ViewportSettings".

Viewport System can be found in Pley > Tools > Resources > "ViewportSettings".

gameplay_analytics_initializedTriggered when you initialize AnalyticsKit, setting the basic user properties.username, level, application_version, custom_user_id, custom[]
gameplay_tutorial_advancedWhen the player advances a step in the tutorial.tutorial_step
gameplay_tutorial_completedWhen the player completes the tutorial.-
gameplay_tutorial_skippedWhen the player skips the tutorial.-
gameplay_level_advancedWhen the player advances a level (levels up or beats a mission, game dependent)level
gameplay_premium_spentWhen the player spends premium, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_premium_gainedWhen the player gains premium, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_resource_spentWhen the player spends game, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_resource_gainedWhen the player gains game, amount, source, new_balance
gameplay_offer_shownWhen the player is shown an offer, deal, liveOps, or promotion.offer
Custom EventSet any game-specific custom event you need, and deliver it to your analytics,parameters[]