SDK 5.0.0 Release Notes

Pley SDK 5.0.0 is a major update, both adding new functionality and removing features.
Due to this, games will have to make changes in their game code to update to 5.0.0. We don't plan to release breaking changes lightly in the future. Read more

The update comes with a major API restructuring, replacing callbacks with tasks. This is the most breaking change when updating to the SDK 5.0.0.

New AnalyticsKit for commercial funnel event API with the following methods: GameLoaded(), UserEngaged(), UserInteracted(). On top of this, multiple features have been removed, stability has improved, and loading times have been reduced.

See the updated API documentation here.

New Features & Changes

  • The API is now using Tasks and all methods that are asynchronous are postfixed with ‘Async’
var (result, data) = await PaymentsKit.RequestPaymentAsync(paymentKitProduct);
if (result.IsError())
  Debug.LogError($"Failed to request payment: {result}");

Debug.Log($"Payment successful - entitlementId: {data.entitlementId}");
  .Then((result, data) =>
    if (result.IsError())
      Debug.LogError($"Failed to request payment: {result}");
    Debug.Log($"Payment successful - entitlementId: {data.entitlementId}");
  • Support for new Apple silicon architecture
  • Removed DLL dependencies, reducing conflicts between services and libraries
  • Improvements to the Unity extension UI
  • Improved documentation on error returns
  • GetProduct replaced by PaymentsKit.GetProducts. Gets multiple products from a list of ID:s instead of one call per product ID.
  • PaymentsKit.GetEntitlementsAsync() return an empty list instead of an error if there is no entitlements.
  • InsightsKit is replaced by AnalyticsKit
  • New obligatory analytics methods: GameLoaded(), UserEngaged(), UserInteracted().
  • AuthKit.PlayToken replaced by AuthKit.SessionToken
  • SDK.GetStartupArgs replaced by SDK.GetGameArguments
  • Fixed issues reporting memory in memory usage overlay.


  • PleyGenericError
  • PartyKit
  • InsightsKit
  • SendCustomEvent, which was part of InsightsKit.
  • AuthKit.GetFingerprint
  • ContainerMessages
  • PerformanceKit.RecommendedResolution/QualityLevel
  • Order id is no longer part of the payment request response
  • TexutreSettingsImportApplier tool
  • NotificationsKit
  • Callbacks on Pley Methods (replaced by Tasks as mentioned above).


That is it!

If you have any questions, reach out to us through your Pley communication channel or email us at [email protected]