Fixed a bug that caused GPU metrics to only be captured when the performance monitor was active.

SDK.SetSupportInfos is now obsolete and SDK.SetSupportDialogCustomFields should be used instead.
SDK.SetSupportInfos was a temporary name used during development that was released by mistake.

Add custom information to the support modal
SDK.SetSupportInfos(): Add custom information to the support modal that players can include when contacting games' customer support.

We've disabled the automatic synchronization of Unity PlayerPrefs.
This feature is now available only by request. If you would like to enable it for your project please contact us on Discord.

Windowed Mode (beta)
We added two new methods in the ⚙️ PerformanceKit to help you manage the "Window Mode" : OnWindowedModeChanged and GetWindowedMode

You can now easily execute Javascript code from your game with SDK.ExecuteJS
Example to show a browser alert window:

SDK.ExecuteJS("alert('Game Over')");


  • HostDisconnected error
  • Advanced Settings window GUI fix for Unity 2018

Windowed Mode (beta)
You can now choose to display your game in "Windowed Mode".
That means that players can now enjoy your game without going into full-screen. This way, they can play your game while doing something else. Players will still be able to play in fullscreen if they wish so.
Note, this feature is in beta. You need to contact us so we can enable it in your game.

Bookmark prompt
We are constantly working on improving the retention on our platform, as it's a crucial part of making your game successful. Now you can prompt your players to bookmark your game, so it's easier for them to find your game when they want to come back to it!

  • Fix to prevent crashes on unhandled exceptions thrown within SDK callbacks. These crashes showed without any stack trace, so they were very hard to debug. Instead, now the exception will be printed in the console, with a proper stack trace, and the game will continue running.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the annoying but harmless HostDisconnect error messages in the Unity Editor console.

Understanding your players, where they're coming from, and how they're experiencing your game is essential. It allows you to focus your development and marketing efforts where they matter and will have the greatest impact. So today we're psyched to announce that game analytics has finally arrived in the Pley Game Manager.

We're starting off with some basics, but with your help and feedback, we intend to grow this into a best-in-class, top-ten-things-to-bring-to-a-deserted-island insights tool for anyone developing games for the web.

Other updates: Unity Addressables are now properly cached when using UnityWebRequest

  • Added Texture Import Settings Applier tool. It can help you optimize your texture import settings easier; you can read more about it here.

  • Added a new section in the SDK titled "Recommended Guides" that will link to important guides that may fit your current project. Right now, this only works with FMOD but we have plans to add more in the future.

  • Added a memory graph in the Performance Monitor Overlay to help you measure memory usage in your games.

  • If a game crashes, it is easy to debug it – Games using SDK 3.1.0 get significantly more developer-friendly error details on game crashes.
  • Added IL2CPP method mapping; errors in the browser's console should now display the full method name.

  • You no longer need to implement Application.Quit(); fix. We detect that automatically and implement a fix for you.

  • A new feature, File Queue is now available. You can read about it here
  • Removed the Trail.UUID object; instead, use string-based IDs directly. Updated documentation to reflect this change.
  • Cloud Saves will now automatically upload PlayerPrefs. Note: This feature is available only by request. If you would like to enable it for your project please contact us on Discord.
  • Added support for Unity 2020.3 and 2021.1
  • Added PaymentsKit.GetEntitlements SDK call for retrieving entitlements client-side.