SDK 2.2.6 released

  • Renamed Trail.GetUserID to Trail.GetGameUserID in the C API.
  • PaymentKit C API now returns one entitlement ID per product ID.
  • Changed how we deal with exceptions in the editor extension; now you'll receive a log in the console.
  • We've added a new feature allowing you to force an aspect ratio before the game starts.
  • We made the error message when you can't login to using the editor extension clearer.

SDK 2.2.5 released

  • Fixed a warning related to Unity's dark mode.
  • Fixed a bug when leaving a party in PartyKit
  • Changed some of the wording in the SDK descriptions.
  • Added support for Unity 2020.1.
  • Added an image to the tabs in the Unity Editor Extension.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the WebGL extension along with a minor performance fix.
  • Added multithreading to the report window.
  • Fixed bugs related to Repaint Editor.

SDK 2.2.4 released

  • Added a check to disable Steamworks for builds targeted for Trail.
  • Now we display the build time as local time instead of UTC.
  • Improved the Unity Editor Extension visuals.

SDK 2.2.1 released

  • Fixed an issue Unity Editor Extension on macOS.
  • Fixed a bug that caused InsightsKit to crash.
  • Method OnFocusedChange was renamed to OnFocusChange

SDK 2.2.0 released


SDK 2.2.3 released

  • Fixed an issue where an error could cause the Unity Editor to crash while playing, now you'll see an exception instead.
  • Changed the placeholder product ID in the SDK example from a specific product ID to a dummy ID that looks like this "00000000000000000000"
  • Now the Unity Editor Extension will automatically select the first game in the list of games if none was selected the first time you run the extension.
  • We've added a new check to the Unity Editor Extension when checking for requirements to enable exceptions in the player settings.
  • Fixed the "get_skinIndex" error that sometimes appeared.

Sandbox mode in the Game Manager

We have added a sandbox mode to the Game Manager for you to be able to test your game's Trail integration without affecting your user. The sandbox mode is turned on by default, and you can see that it's enabled by noticing the "sandbox"-overlay in the bottom-left corner when running your game.


Pigeoneer 1.1.0 released

Yesterday, besides this new documentation site, we also released Pigeoneer 1.1.0. Much like the SDK 2.1.0 release, 1.1.0 is a refactor on the C# side to make things more Unity-friendly. But other than that, there is no change in functionality.


Welcome to the new Trail docs

Welcome to our new documentation site!


HTTP API v2 released

Yesterday we released the HTTP API v2.