SDK 3.5.0 Release Process

For the last couple of months, we have been overhauling the release process to clean up old anomalies and create a comprehensive workflow that makes it easier to get a better overview and collaborate as a team.

And equally as necessary, the new flow will add much-needed flexibility for us to keep adding new and better features to the release process.


A new release flow where releases are separate from a build, allowing you to draft, create and publish Releases of any uploaded build with different Container versions, Release Tracks, and settings.

We've added Containers that will allow you to create different versions of JavaScript code that you want to execute during runtime for all your analytics, UA, or tools needs for a given Release.

Release Tracks replaces Channels allowing you to create releases in a different track than Production with a secret URL. Making QA and Beta-testing a breeze.

You can find more information on how it works in our documentation here.