SDK 2.1.0 released

We have released the SDK 2.1.0.

The functionality remains essentially the same, but we have made a major rework on the C# side that will make Unity developers' life easier :smiley:

Unity specific changes

  • Streamlined the creation and initialization of the SDK. On a brand new project, you can just import the Unity package, run the dev server and run. There is, however, a way to opt-out and revert to the old behavior if you would rather keep full control of the process.
  • The SDK is now static so you can access it from anywhere.
  • Replaced a few methods for properties, actions for delegates, made some methods co-routine friendly, etc.
  • Added: Unity Editor Player Settings extension to reveal hidden WebGL settings.
  • Fixed: A crash that occurred in the Unity Editor when the connection to the dev server had failed on a previous run and you then tried to run again.

General changes

  • Added: In-game overlay with a performance graph (CPU and GPU). It does not work in the Unity Editor, but on WebGL builds, you can enable and disable it by pressing:
    Ctrl + Alt + .
  • Fixed: A crash when launching a game from a notification.

New reference site

We also have new reference sites for the SDK. Although they do not look as nice as the older one, they are now auto-generated from the code; which should make them more reliable than the older one that we had to edit manually :dizzy-face:

Check them out in the links below: