Local Notification Behavior

Short overview of the behavior and UX for Pley Local Notifications

The Pley SDK gives web games easy access to local notifications on the web to retain players, notifying players after a scheduled timeframe. This article presents the behavior of notifications on Pley.


Unique per OS and Web Browser

Notification behavior and visuals can vastly vary depending on which operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux) and web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, etc.).

Local Notifications

Local notifications are not account-wide, but machine-local. This means a scheduled notification will be delivered to the user on the same machine (and through the same web browser) as it was scheduled.

Local notifications are delivered if:

  • The user closes the game tab.
  • The user minimizes the window.
  • The browser window is closed (but the process is still active).

Local notifications won't be delivered if:

  • The user turns off their device.
  • The user plays on a different device.
  • If notification permissions are revoked.
  • If the browser process is stopped.


When Clicking Notifications

When a user clicks a notification, the game will be re-opened automatically. If the tab is already open (but not active), the browser will instantly swap to the game tab.

Permission Requested

Whenever a notification is scheduled for the first time for a user, Pley will prompt them to either accept or deny notifications. If the user presses "Yes, please", Pley will prompt their web browser to request browser-level permission to send notifications. Once that is accepted, the notification is scheduled (and will be delivered after the set time delay). Future notifications do not need to request permissions, but will simply schedule the notification.


Notification permission request modal.

User Notification Settings

Users have the ability to adjust notification settings separately between games. This page only shows games with notifications that they have previously played.


Under 'Settings' in the player account, the user can enable/disable notifications for each individual game on Pley.


No Notification Limit

There is no limit on the number or frequency for notifications. Users who are spammed are less likely to allow notifications, so be wary of delivering to many or disruptive ones!